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Do you see “Notification error: cannot execute repllog.exe” too often?

Hello, guys! I’ve been out of here for more than year! Huh! I feel lonely without you, don’t you? :)
Now I want to write you about my investigations on one strange bug that happened to my smartphone.
I had i-Mate sp5m running Windows Mobile 6. It wend mad at the end of February (i remember, I’ve moved to another place of living that days). Symptoms were:

  • Messagebox with caption “Notification error” and text one of “Cannot execute repllog.exe”, “Cannot execute calnot.exe”, “Cannot execute clocknot.exe” or about another executable
  • It was impossible to click “Ok”, I’ve pressed “Home” button and it went back to homescreen.
  • After that messages phone may freeze completely until I remove/insert battery.

I’ve heard about another Windows Mobile-devices (Standard, Professional), for example, HTC Diamond, Touch Pro.
More to that, I’ve noticed that the problem only occurs inside low-signal areas and, mostly, at the same places. Then I googled some info about excessive items in DB_notify_events, which should be removed with special utilities and blah-blah-blah. I supposed, if it is the solution, hard reset with restoring WM5 will be the solution, too. So did I.
But the problem stayed with me.
Restored WM6. Googled more and found (It’s a pity that I don’t remember, where) that the problem could raise from Date/Time update from a cellular network. I followed: “Start -> Settings -> Clock & Alarm -> Date & Time -> Automatic Time/Time zone”, Disabled it and - I’t a miracle! - never seen that “Cannot…” again!

Now I think I know the reason for that errors. According to GSM recommendations, the phone should search a cell with a better signal if current cell signal is low. Each cell is connected to exactly one BSC (Base Station Controller), and all cells connected to one BSC have the exactly same time. But BSCs are not time-syncronized (!!!) and when the phone switches to the cell at another BSC, it can acquire a different date/time. And when the time changes, DB_notify_events got another bunch of events (for example, a task to check if it is the time for alarm to sound). And this queue may grow too quickly if time changes too often and - voilas!
Good luck!

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Using PluginAdapter with third-party plugins

Oh… I’ve forgotten such an important thing.
If you intend to use a third-party smartphone plugin you definitely have to manually register Smartphone plugin dll. You may use regsvr_ARM.exe (get it here) to do it.

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Adding BLifePlugin to your homescreen. The short FAQ

Q: I’ve installed your cab but nothing changed. What am I supposed to do to get it working?
A: You have to add the following lines to your homescreen xml (into <home> section, just like any other plugins):

<plugin clsid="{FDEA2F9B-0266-11cf-BAA6-00AA003E0E01}" height="25" StatFilename="\My Documents\BLifeHistory.dat" RefreshTimeout="120000" MaxHistoryDays="30" FlushTimeoutHours="1000"/>

Then reboot the smartphone (or go to settings and change, for example, your color scheme to any other, press Done, go back, restore it and press Done again. Your homescreen xml is reloaded now).

Q. How can I change homescreen layout or color scheme?
A: Start -> Settings -> Home Screen -> Home screen layout

Q: I’ve installed plugin but it doesn’t appear in plugin list in Facade. What’s wrong?
A: The plugin wasn’t tried with Facade yet. The help would be appreciated :)

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Small fix

Settings description error corrected. Please use FlushTimeoutHours instead of FlushTimeout.

(both are accepted but only FlushTimeoutHours will be used in future versions).

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