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BLifePlugin v0.3 released

Download it.

Read more about BLifePlugin.


  • (new) some standard plugin parameters added. font-face, font-size, font-weight, fgcolor, bgcolor, padding-left, padding-right, padding-top are now parsed both from <plugin> and <default> tags (plugin has more priority, of course).
  • (new) CPU load monitoring added. Plugin background will be painted with HighCPULoadBgColor when the average CPU load exceeds HighCPULoadPercent. It is very useful to see if any background application consumes significant amount of CPU thus leading your device to drain more battery power.
  • (new) GetSystemPowerStatusEx will be called when GetSystemPowerStatusEx2 fails. But Voxtel W210 still doesn’t work with this standard API. A kind of magic…
  • (fix) for PocketPC (use PluginAdapter to run this plugin on PocketPC): now all the time the device has been in ’sleep’ mode is considered as working. Per-hour discharge percent will be calculated as all discharge divided by hours.
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