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PluginAdapter is coming…

PluginAdapter that allows Windows Smartphone homescreen plugin to run on PocketPC (Phone Edition as well) as Today plugin is coming soon. Very soon.

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Adding BLifePlugin to your homescreen. The short FAQ

Q: I’ve installed your cab but nothing changed. What am I supposed to do to get it working?
A: You have to add the following lines to your homescreen xml (into <home> section, just like any other plugins):

<plugin clsid="{FDEA2F9B-0266-11cf-BAA6-00AA003E0E01}" height="25" StatFilename="\My Documents\BLifeHistory.dat" RefreshTimeout="120000" MaxHistoryDays="30" FlushTimeoutHours="1000"/>

Then reboot the smartphone (or go to settings and change, for example, your color scheme to any other, press Done, go back, restore it and press Done again. Your homescreen xml is reloaded now).

Q. How can I change homescreen layout or color scheme?
A: Start -> Settings -> Home Screen -> Home screen layout

Q: I’ve installed plugin but it doesn’t appear in plugin list in Facade. What’s wrong?
A: The plugin wasn’t tried with Facade yet. The help would be appreciated :)

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CallHistoryExport released

When I was about to change my smartphone, I have set my mind on keeping my call history. I thought that I may export it from old phone and then import on new one. I’ve got stuck on importing since no legal API available to make imports. But export part has already been done. Hope you’ll find it useful.

Read more about CallHistoryExport.

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