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FileKiller. A tool to delete orphan .mpb-files

I’m really sorry that I have no free time neither to improve BLifePlugin or any other of my projects nor to research your problem cases. In fact I’m contributing to gpsVP project (GIS system for Windows Mobile Smartphones, PPC or WinXP), adding an ability to work with raster maps (now GoogleMaps are supported in latest beta publicly available, GoogleSatellites to come really soon, maybe mid this week).

So… Let me give you small tool from my archive (it took me more time to create an installation cab than to write it :) ).

I have used my T-Mobile SDA (Windows Mobile 2003 SE) for about a year and found that duration of a backup process grows every week. I have noticed that Windows Mobile leaves empty .mpb-files at /Storage/Windows/messaging each time sms in Inbox becomes read. I have written an utility to kill such a files every boot. You need this tool if you have significant amount of empty files in abovementioned directory.

Attention! Install it into your device internal memory, not Storage Card!

Download FileKiller (8Kb)

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