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CallHistoryExport - Download

Get more details about CallHistoryExport.

Download version 0.1 (4 kB)

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  1. Hello and greetings from NC. I downloaded the CallHistoryExport file and when I click it in Windows XP it states it’s not a valid Win32 application. Can you tell me how to run this program? It looks like it’s exactly what I need, I just can’t get it to work. Do I just need to copy it to the SmartPhone?

    Comment by pruman — 2007-04-06 @ 3.15 pm

  2. Yes, you just have to run it on Smartphone, not PC connected to it.

    Comment by admin — 2007-04-17 @ 1.30 pm

  3. День добрый! Спасибо, замечательная программка. Проверено на asus p525 (wm5.0). Единственное, что экспортируется почему-то только 300 записей (на самом деле у меня около 800 звонков, а в реестре стоит вообще ограничение на 65535, т.е. без ограничений).
    PS. А не могли бы опубликовать ее исходники?

    Comment by slay — 2007-04-30 @ 5.12 pm

  4. Will this work with Windows Mobile 5 ??

    Comment by jverry — 2007-05-07 @ 11.20 pm

  5. Why not? My sp5m runs WM5 and CHE works fine.

    Comment by admin — 2007-05-08 @ 8.27 am

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